VibesFest 2023

The Brașov Community Festival


2nd Edition - 24th of August, Council Square

A festival for a community that vibrates: photo/video experiences & games, laser show, a Subcarpați concert, the award ceremony and the launch of Generation Tech 2023.

A day in which we celebrate our community and we choose to build the future with confidence – that’s what Vibes Fest is for, organized by the Brașov Metropolitan Agency together with the Municipality of Brașov.

With Vibes Fest:

Live the VIBES experience!

Subcarpați will perform a concert just for you, topping off an atmosphere marked by a laser show, an award ceremony, networking with top mentors and companies from Generation Tech, photo & video experiences, games and many other surprises!

The community unites! Vibes Fest is waiting with a day full of experiences which will energize you with confidence for the future!

We bring the community together through projects that you can be a part of right now:


Registration & Welcome 17:00 - 18:00
Experiences in the Square: Generation Tech Quest, Games and Surprises 18:00 - 19:30
Award Ceremony 19:30 - 20:00
DJ TENNEBREK & MC STROE Show 20:00 - 22:00
Laser Show 22:00 - 22:15
Subcarpați Concert 22:15 - 23:15

Organizers and Partners:

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, Vibes Fest is a festival for the entire Brașov community. The festival is organized around two mature programmes in our community: Voluntariat Brașov (Brașov Volunteering) and Generația Tech (Generation Tech), and there will also be activities dedicated to these programs during the event.

The Subcarpați Concert, the laser show, the photo & video experiences and the relaxation areas are open for the whole Brașov Metropolitan Area.

Vibes Fest is organized around two mature programmes in our community, Voluntariat Brașov (Brașov Volunteering) and Generația Tech (Generation Tech). There will only be a registration process for participants in these programmes at dedicated registration points during the event. Other than that, entry is completely open to the public. Registration is necessary for participants in the aforementioned programmes because there are game areas and activities built just for them.

Yes, if you’d like to have access to the areas exclusive to the VoluntarBv and Generation Tech programmes, you will be able to sign up to them. You will find all the information available at the designated tents. However, we recommend that you sign up before Vibes Fest through the respective website of the programme you wish to join, in order to have an easier time and to have as much time for the experiences in Council Square!

Yes, we recommend that you arrive by 20:00 at the latest so you can enjoy the musical moments, the laser show and the Subcarpați Concert. Meanwhile, you will be able to take part in the photo & video experiences in the Square and other surprises!

It's right here.

The Generation Tech program offers you the development and support environment in which mentors, companies and thousands of other people like you train together to acquire skills for the future, such as: programming, web development, digital marketing, web design or project management.

Generation Tech is for all those who:

  • Want to develop clarity in the knowledge they already have
  • Are interested in a change in profession
  • Want to learn something new

Generation Tech is a Digital Nation programme. Find out more on

Voluntariat Brașov (Brașov Volunteering) is the platform that connects volunteers with volunteering projects, the place where YOUR INVOLVEMENT MATTERS! The aim of the project is to encourage and promote volunteering throughout the Metropolitan Area, no matter the age, background, experience or social status. Together we will build a more united Brașov, through integrating people in the issues of the community, the development of civic spirit and the improvement of the public perception of volunteering.

The Brașov Metropolitan Agency (AMB) is a nexus of professionals who sketch out and then help with the implementation of projects which define the Brașov Metropolitan Area, with all its population centres, in order to improve the future of all its citizens.

AMB has the legal status of an Intercommunity Development Association and has as its mission the fostering and support of cooperation between public actors, private stakeholders and NGOs, with the aim of sustainable economic, social and cultural development of the Brașov Metropolitan Area.

Vibes Community Fest is a celebration of the present and an expression of the hope that the future does not write itself, but rather we all write it together. The communities built and supported with the help of the Brașov Metropolitan Agency are part of what the city of Brașov and the metropolitan area will be years from now.

Everyone says that the youth are the future of this country. We are in agreement and we believe that, through involving them in the community, their future will be filled with hope!

Vibes Fest is organized by the Brașov Metropolitan Agency and the Office of the Mayor of the Municipality of Brașov, alongside the main partners of the event: Digital Nation, Academic Art Events, Qualite, Muzeul Județean de Istorie Brașov and AP Studio.

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